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Affecting Houstonians

Neighborhood Services

Streets and Mobility


Public Safety

Quality of Life

Public Pension Reform


City Budget and Finance

2nd Amendment

Listening to YOU

Government Spending

Equal Rights


RSVP here to meet Oliver on April 22nd

Come meet Houston City Council Member Oliver Pennington, the man Fox News called, "The most conservative candidate in the race for mayor." Complimentary dinner and soft drinks will be served. Click on the link below to RSVP to meet Oliver on April 22nd!


Political Fight No Reason to Trample First Amendment

Earlier in the week I was disappointed when I learned that the City of Houston had issued subpoenas for the sermons of five area pastors. I was disappointed that the City had taken this action that undermines the First Amendment rights and freedom of religion guaranteed by our Constitution. Our founders put protections in place to protect citizens and religious institutions from government, not the government from its citizens.

4 Steps toward fiscal freedom

In an editorial dated June 22, 2014, the Houston Chronicle stated that the City must address its "long term budget problems." As a longtime proponent of fiscal reform and responsible governance, I could not agree more. In fact it is for that reason that I—during City Council’s review of the proposed budget—presented expenditure reduction amendments aimed at both reducing expenditures (by between $50-$70 million) and initiating a process to make City Council and the public more cognizant of the depth and severity of our fiscal and governance problems.


Campaign Updates

Houston's crumbling streets are responsible for a number of mobility and safety issues including costly car repairs, congested streets, driver stress, lost productivity and increased accidents. Oliver believes that providing good streets should be second only to public safety in the city’s list of priorities. As mayor, he will require Public Works to become more efficient so that Houstonians get more for their money. He will also increase transparency and communication and demand that dollars meant for street construction and repair are dedicated to that purpose. Read More

Oliver believes that public safety should always be government's number one priority. As Mayor, Oliver will work to increase efficiency at HPD and HFD so that Houstonians get more value for their tax dollars. He will also utilize civilian employees and citizen volunteers such as Citizens on Patrol and volunteer fire fighters to maximize the benefit of our police officers and fire fighters. Read More

In the last decade, pension payments to public employees have quadrupled from $90 million to $360 million per year and significantly reduce the dollars available for city services. Oliver believes this growth is unsustainable and that the city of Houston must have local control of its pension systems so that it can negotiate pensions that the city can afford and that are sustainable for the employees who depend on them. Read More

The City of Houston has not had a balanced budget in over a decade. Oliver Pennington believes that Houston government must start living within its means, which is why he has offered amendments to cut spending for the last two budgets. He has also offered and passed amendments to require that any revenues above projected amounts be used for debt reduction and not used for new spending. Read More

Oliver believes that the very best ideas for government often come from outside government. Since his very first campaign, Oliver has promised to be a "listener and a leader," and put that philosophy into action by attending thousands of meetings including neighborhood, Super Neighborhood and civic association meetings. Oliver will continue this practice as mayor, by continuing to participate in meetings across the city and listening to the feedback, ideas and suggestions of the citizens he serves. Read More

Like the United States Founding Fathers, Oliver Pennington believes that, "…that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…" and that equal rights should be upheld. Oliver DOES NOT support however, the UN-equal rights put forth in the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which allows "gender confused" individuals to use the restrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms of the opposite sex. Oliver not only voted against this misguided social policy on City Council, but also signed the petition calling for a vote and testified in court to allow the people of Houston the right to vote on it. Read More